Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort


Premier Village PHu quoc Resort


Favorable position and natural conditions

Located in Ong Doi Cape – in the Southwest of Phu Quoc Pearl Island – between the Gulf of Thailand and the East Sea, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is in a unique position in Asia: clear sea water, fine white sand, gigantic rock, beautiful hill slope and dreamlike primeval forests.

Project and villa details

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort consists of premium convalescence villas which were luxuriously and sophisticatedly designed. Built at different altitudes, the villas have unique wild natural beauty, from water surface to gigantic hilltop: over water villas with coral reefs and whispering waves; ocean villas on white sand; from on the rock villas, you can enjoy a general view of the sea; and on the same hillside villa, you can watch dawn and dusk.


The resort was designed by the world’s leading designers. It has many leading facilities: restaurant chain with a capacity of up to 1,000 people, premium spa with a separate swimming pool, modern entertainment club, restaurant area for luxurious parties, children’s club, and retail area. Especially, the resort has a zero-entry swimming pool with a length of more than 300m and an area of 8,000m2 and peninsulas connecting the eastern coast to the western one. Villas in Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort operated by the world’s leading company will make you have unique experiences and beautiful vacations in the Pearl Island.     


We undertake that lease profit is at least 9% of the villa price (exclusive of VAT)/year for 10 years and give preferential treatment “masterpiece experiencing” with a value of up to VND 250,000,000; Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is a really perfect financial solution to real estate investment. Especially, future villa owners are offered 150 nights (free of charge) in the project or can convert to the number of rooms at equivalent premium resorts invested by Sun Group.

With rapid growth and every effort to create beauty for the promising land, Sun Group is determined to build Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort in order to reach new heights. The convalescence villas are not only products creating surplus values for you but also the world’s masterpieces.